The full user guide.

Start by downloading these 2 files.

Now, on C:\, create a folder in the root named Stuff. This is where the app is going to store its data. Go ahead and put the .jar file in there. Create a link to this file and put it where ever you want to run it from, for instance on the desktop.

Now go to the link's properties and find the icon property. The second file is a Windows icon file, use that if you wish.

All that's left now is firing up the app.

I suggest you go through the options menu first. You can access it by clicking the cogwheel button, just like on Android.

Most settings should be pretty obvious. The 'allow ?' turns on/off the ? step between a flagged and an unrevealed tile. The 'allow wheel click' enables the middle mouse button-wheel.

When the middle button is clicked on a numerical tile, it's gonna count the number of flags next to itself and if the result matches it's number, it will clear all non-flagged tiles left next to it and any tiles that link to them just like a normal clearing. This feature is usefull, because you don't have to count them yourself and can just 'try', because as long as you have no wrong flags, nothing bad can happen.